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“For Cause” Dismissal and the Duty to Accommodate

Q. When an employer alleges termination "for cause", how does the Duty to Accommodate come into play? If the employee can show the termination was a wrongful dismissal, can she receive Severance pay? A. Our client, Ms. A, was a long term employee, who was ultimately terminated "for cause". She had worked for her company for over 20 years and had good performance reviews until she became sick.  Her sickness prevented her from completing her duties on time. She eventually went on Short Term Disability. Unfortunately, she returned from her disability leave too early, and was still unable to complete her tasks...

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5 Things That Affect Your Severance and Notice Pay

Fired? Laid Off? "Downsized"?  Here are five things you need to know that can affect your Severance and Notice Pay. If you had a signed contract before you started working, what you can get may be limited by that contract. You remember that agreement that you quickly skimmed over before signing on to that dream job?  Well it may have limited what you're entitled to once your position is terminated for any reason.  Depending on the wording in the contract, you may be limited to the minimums under the Employment Standards Act, which is FAR LESS than what you could otherwise potentially...

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