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Deciding between Small Claims Court and Superior Court

If you're looking for a Litigation Lawyer, whether for an Employment Law matter (such as Wrongful Dismissal, Constructive Dismissal, Severance Pay), Commercial Litigation or other matter, if your case falls in the $20-40,000.00 range, a decision must be made early on whether to start a Claim in Small Claims Court (limited to $25,000 in Ontario), or Superior Court (over $25,000). The answer may seem to be obvious - "if I'm claiming more than $25,000 then I'll start it in Superior Court, and if it's less than $25,000 I'll start it in Small Claims Court." - but in practice many considerations should go...

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“For Cause” Dismissal and the Duty to Accommodate

Q. When an employer alleges termination "for cause", how does the Duty to Accommodate come into play? If the employee can show the termination was a wrongful dismissal, can she receive Severance pay? A. Our client, Ms. A, was a long term employee, who was ultimately terminated "for cause". She had worked for her company for over 20 years and had good performance reviews until she became sick.  Her sickness prevented her from completing her duties on time. She eventually went on Short Term Disability. Unfortunately, she returned from her disability leave too early, and was still unable to complete her tasks...

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5 Things to Know About Failed Real Estate Deals

Your House Sale or Property Sale Fell Through? What now? Will I need a Litigation Lawyer? Who gets the deposit? Generally speaking, when a house sale falls through the vendor of the property retains the deposit unless there's specific wording in the Agreement of Purchase and Sale that states otherwise.  That's true even if the vendor resells the home at the same, or even a higher, price. The price of the house dropped after the property sale fell through. Now what? The vendor can initiate a Claim against the purchaser who failed to close on the original deal and caused the house...

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