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Employment lawyers for Wrongful Dismissal

If you’ve been fired, whether with “just cause” or whether there was a wrongful termination, be sure to have knowledgeable employment lawyers review your case! Each case must be assessed individually to determine if you’re entitled to compensation. In Canada, an employer can terminate an employee without just cause as long as the employee is given proper notice of termination or full compensation instead. Contact our experienced litigation lawyers for a free consultation.

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Employer Services

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

We strongly believe that being proactive and developing and implementing strategies before problems arise is in every employer’s best interest. To this end, our employment lawyers offer review and drafting of contracts, policies and manuals to ensure compliance with the relevant statutes. Don’t just use a random Employment contract sample you find online.

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Commercial Litigation and Real Estate Litigation

Knowledgeable and efficient

Our experienced litigation lawyers represent you from start to finish, on your side and guiding you every step of the way. Ensure that you have the right tools at your disposal. Whether your action involves a breach of contract, real estate dispute, construction work, or a collection, we’re there for you.  Call us today to see how our experienced litigation lawyers can assist you.

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Estate Litigation

Challenging Wills and Powers of Attorney

Despite the grief that follows a passing of a loved one, there are many instances when a person may need to contest a Will.

Click the Know More button below to know the most common reasons for challenging a Will.  Our experienced litigation lawyers can assist in any of these areas.

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Get the support you need through this difficult period in your life.

Z Legal assists clients with a wide range of legal issues, such as marriage, divorce, child custody, support obligations, and division of assets.

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