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Professional Misconduct Lawyer

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Professional Misconduct Lawyer and Negligence Lawyer

Knowledgeable and effective Professional Misconduct Representation

Are you facing a complaint or hearing before a disciplinary body of a regulated profession? As former discipline counsel for the Ontario College of Teachers, as well as General Counsel for the College of Opticians of Ontario, Martin Zatovkanuk is an experienced professional misconduct lawyer and has gained direct and practical experience handling allegations and complaints before various Tribunals and Colleges.

 Z Legal will represent you from start to finish, advising you at every step along the way. A finding of professional misconduct can be a devastating outcome to your livelihood and career. Make sure that a professional misconduct lawyer implements a full defence to minimize the impact on your professional life.

Z Legal welcomes doctors, dentists, accountants, lawyers, real estate agents, professionals now covered by the Ontario College of Trades, as well as all other professionals regulated provincially.

Ensure that you’re properly represented by an experienced professional misconduct lawyer.

Direct and efficient defence provided in Professional Negligence actions

If you’re a professional and have been threatened with legal action, or have had legal action commenced against you, you will need a dedicated and knowledgeable lawyer to present your case.

Z Legal ensures that you have a Professional Misconduct lawyer present a full defence and that any damages to you or your business are minimized.

Need help with a professional misconduct or professional negligence matter? Contact an experienced professional misconduct lawyer at Z Legal now.

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