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As founder of Z Legal, Martin Zatovkanuk is an experienced litigation lawyer with well over a decade of experience before all levels of Ontario Courts. Z Legal focuses on estate litigation, employment litigation, commercial litigation, family law, and professional misconduct matters.  Z Legal’s goal is to represent clients from the outset of their matter all the way through to the end of their matter, regardless whether their matter is resolved through a settlement, mediation, arbitration or a trial.

Z Legal’s Estate Litigation practice includes challenging Last Wills and Codicils, Dependant Support Claims, and overseeing the distribution of Estate assets. Martin has had significant success in assisting clients, recovering millions of dollars owed to deserving beneficiaries.

As part of his employment law practice, Martin assists employees who have been wrongfully dismissed, laid off, terminated or discriminated against. He also represents employers and assists in drafting employment contracts and navigating accommodation requests, Human Rights issues and terminations.

As a commercial litigation lawyer, Martin has assisted his clients with a wide variety of matters, ranging from construction disputes to shareholder disputes, along with numerous real estate litigation matters for both buyers and vendors, and has helped clients recover significant damages.

And as a family law lawyer, Martin has assisted clients in resolving long-running disputes in an efficient and cost-effective manner, as well as representing clients in highly contentious trials involving complex issues of spousal support calculations with imputations of income, joint family venture claims, child support, parenting time and decision making, and claims of family violence.

Previously, as a personal injury litigator, he successfully represented clients in obtaining catastrophically impaired designations, winning millions of dollars for his clients. Martin is regarded as a skilled negotiator by both his clients and opposing counsel alike.

He has served as prosecution counsel for the Ontario College of Teachers, general counsel for the College of Opticians of Ontario, and has gained valuable experience in assisting professionals who have disciplinary matters before Ontario’s many Colleges.

Prior to becoming a lawyer, Martin was a teacher for several years. As such, Martin’s clients value his patience, diligence and ability to communicate openly and honestly with them, as well as his understanding of the law and the issues that affect their claims. He is fluent in French, Czech and Ukrainian, and has acted on the Executive Committee of the Administrative Law Section of the Ontario Bar Association.


Vicky Phung is a legal practitioner with a foundation in Operations Management and a Juris Doctor from the University of Leeds. As an articling student, her practice areas encompass Family Law, Employment Law, Wills and Estate Law, and Commercial Law, reflecting her well-rounded abilities in the legal field.

In her free time, Ms. Phung also maintains a passionate interest in gastronomy, travel, and the art of playing the guitar.


Allan Huynh is a legal practitioner with a foundation in Finance and a Juris Doctor from the University of Leeds. As an articling student, he focuses on Employment, Commercial, Family, and Wills and Estate Law. His dedication in these areas is evidenced by his recognition as the 2019 Norton Rose Fulbright Negotiation Champion.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Mr. Huynh has a keen interest in sports and a passion for international travel.


2021 ONSC 3204 (CanLII) – Family Law trial – issues of imputation of income to wife, Joint Family Venture, spousal support, child support, parenting time

2020 ONSC 6615 (CanLII) – Estate Litigation dispute – sale of property in dispute ordered after repeated breaches  of  Court Orders by opposing party

2020 ONSC 722 (CanLII) – Estate Litigation dispute – ensuring appointment of Estate Trustee During Litigation in highly contentious Estate dispute.

2017 ONCA 337 (CanLII) – Personal Injury – Court of Appeal determining the evidence necessary to demonstrate that a rear-end collision was the fault of the front vehicle.

2016 ONSC 308 (CanLII) – Leave to Appeal of a Costs Order

2013 ONOCT 58 (CanLII) – resolution of Disciplinary matter by way of Memorandum of Understanding

2013 CanLII 69414 (ON HPARB) – Health Professions Appeal and Review Board confirmed the decision of the Inquiries, Complaints and Reports Committee of the College of Opticians of Ontario.

2013 ONOCT 8 (CanLII) – resolution of Disciplinary matter by way of Memorandum of Understanding

2012 ONOCT 32 (CanLII) – resolution of Disciplinary matter by way of Memorandum of Understanding

2019 ONSC 2246 (CanLII) – undertakings motion in loan dispute.

2014 ONOCT 60 (CanLII) – reprimand of licensed teacher

2013 ONOCT 100 (CanLII) – resolution of Disciplinary matter by way of Memorandum of Understanding

2020 ONSC 722 (CanLII) – appointment of Estate Trustee During Litigation stemming from non-compliance of Respondent.

2013 ONOCT 78 (CanLII) – resolution of Disciplinary matter by way of Memorandum of Understanding

2014 ONOCT 85 (CanLII) – resolution of Disciplinary matter by way of Memorandum of Understanding

2013 ONOCT 51 (CanLII) – resolution of Disciplinary matter by way of Memorandum of Understanding

2013 ONOCT 72 (CanLII) – resolution of Disciplinary matter by way of Memorandum of Understanding

2014 ONSC 6894 (CanLII) – – personal injury – appeal of limitation periods decision, specifically as they apply to threshold injuries

2016 ONSC 4926 (CanLII) – trial regarding wrongful imprisonment and shopkeeper’s privilege


"Z Legal Litigation Lawyers is designed to take care of our customers on an individual basis. To us you’re never just a number. Ask about our flat-rate billing and contingency fee options. We speak English, French, Ukrainian, Czech and Tagalog to better assist you."

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