Human Resources Lawyer for Employers


Z Legal strongly believes that an experienced employment lawyer can assist employers with their Human Resources needs by being proactive and developing and implementing strategies before problems arise. To this end, we offer review and drafting of contracts, policies and manuals to ensure compliance with the relevant statutes. Don’t just use a random Employment contract sample you find online, make sure an employment lawyer who knows your specific circumstances reviews and drafts the contracts you need.


Ask an employment lawyer at Z Legal whether your company or business is currently compliant with all of the following:

  • Employment Standards Act
  • Canada Labour Code (where applicable)
  • Ontario Accessibility Act
  • ​Human Rights Code
  • Ontario Health and Safety Act

Ensure that your human resources department is up to date with contracts, policies, manuals and severance letters that are compliant and will be upheld in court, should the need arise. Many employment contract templates are not up to date and risk being unenforceable. If you have not had your policies and contracts reviewed by an employment lawyer at Z Legal, you’re likely not protected from future lawsuits.

If litigation does arise, you’ll be in the care of an experienced employment lawyer who will ensure that you receive effective legal services while minimizing costs through providing timely advice, and utilizing alternative dispute resolution where appropriate.

If you are considering laying off one or more employees, make sure that any offer to settle will be accepted by the courts. A small defect in the language of the original employment contract or in an agreement to settle after termination invalidate substantial portions of the agreement. Contact an employment lawyer at Z Legal to draft agreements that will stand up in court.

If the employer-employee relationship is no longer mutually beneficial, for whatever reason, Z Legal can advise you with respect to your human resources needs, including giving the employee working notice where appropriate. This can be a cost-effective way to remove an employee where safety or violence issues do not exist. Make sure that such working notice is structured properly, to avoid later claims of wrongful dismissal. Speak with an employment lawyer at Z Legal today to ensure that you are in full compliance with the legal requirements, while minimizing the risk of future litigation.