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Five Star Review

“Martin was professional… very informative… personable & answered all my questions.
He was candid about the accuracy of his response which enabled me to feel confident about making the right decision.
Thank you Martin for your candour.”

–  Evelyn Cahoon

Five Star Review

“I found Martin’s firm on internet several years ago when my husband needed Employment Law Lawyer. Out of all the lawyers I contacted during my search, Martin was the only one who responded himself (rather then his secretary) and was very much to the point in his reply – we knew then that he is the lawyer that my husband needed.. He settled my husband’s case very quickly and efficiently. Little did I know that in April of this year I would need to turn to Martin for assistance with my ex-employer. Just like in the case with my husband, Martin answered all my questions very quickly and professionally. He reached very fair settlement for me and very short time. I will not hesitate to turn to Martin again in a need of great litigation lawyer and if any of my friends (or previous co-workers) will find themselves in a need of Martin’s services – I will give Martin’s contact information with pleasure.”

– Jola Mis

Five Star Review

“The minute I met Martin I knew. I knew not only that he was the right lawyer that I was in much need of but also a solid human being. I had found myself in unfamiliar territory as an executor to an estate dealing with several contentious issues that had no visible horizon in sight of being resolved.

In our first meeting/interview Martin presented me with an articulate and comprehensive overview of the laws and responsibilities that pertained to my role as an executor, the laws pertaining to the estate, and the rights of the beneficiaries. Given that the process I was involved in had become contentious and I needed a good estate and litigation lawyer. Martin was everything I could ask for.I walked away from our first meeting knowing I was in good hands and I never looked back.

At several junctures of the process in dealing with the disgruntled beneficiaries I thought it would be prudent to go a particular direction and several times Martin presented me with a different way to go. He never skipped a beat. The contentious issues were resolved and the estate liquidation was completed.

Thank you Martin for your knowledge, experience and commitment to excellence.”

– Russell Wilson

Experienced Toronto Litigation Lawyer for your complex Employment Law, Commercial Litigation, Estate Litigation or Family Law Litigation

You need a skilled litigation lawyer behind you. We offer personalized solutions when you need them most.

Z Legal Litigation Lawyers, focusing on Employment Law, Estate Litigation and Commercial Litigation

Employment Law

Employees' Rights

Commercial Law

Contract Breach

Estate Litigation

Last Will disputes
Z Legal Litigation Lawyers, focusing on Employment Law, Estate Litigation and Commercial Litigation

Employment Law (Employers)

Contracts and Assistance
Family Law

Family Law

Access, Support, Property Division

Contact us now to speak with a lawyer who can assist you. Experienced in litigated matteres, we provide Professional, Efficient And Cost-Effective Solutions. Remember, not all retainers are equal. We pride ourselves in being upfront and fair.  We never charge on amounts already offered to clients. Make sure you know what you’re being charged before choosing your lawyer.

Effective Legal Representation when you need a Litigation Lawyer for Employment Law, Commercial Litigation, Estate Litigation or Family Law Litigation

Z Legal is committed to protecting your rights in a firm and professional manner at all levels of Ontario Courts.


Employment Lawyers

If you've been fired, whether with ``just cause`` or whether there was a wrongful termination, be sure to have knowledgeable employment lawyers review your case!


Employer Services

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure We strongly believe that being proactive and developing and implementing strategies before problems arise is in every employer's best interest.


Commercial Litigation

Are you facing a potential commercial dispute? We can help you with a variety of commercial and business disputes and litigation. We represent you from start to finish, with experienced litigation counsel on your side.


Estate Litigation

Despite the grief that follows a passing of a loved one, there are many instances when a person may need to contest a Will. We can assist in this area too.

Family Law

You need an experienced litigator on your side for complex access, custody, support and property division disputes. We're here to ensure your rights are protected.

Reach Us Today to Speak with an Experienced Litigation Lawyer. We provide Professional, Efficient And Cost-Effective Solutions

Frequently Asked Questions


The answer depends on numerous factors.  Your age, length of service, position, salary, reason for being laid off and whether you had a valid signed employment contract all contribute to determining how much you are likely to receive should the matter go to trial.  Note that there is no “exact” number in most cases, but only a likely range based on previous court decisions.  To find out more, speak with an Employment Lawyer at Z Legal and make sure that you get the legal advice you need before you sign anything.

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