Estate Litigation

Handling estate litigation is simplified with our specialized support and expertise.

Commercial Litigation

Managing commercial litigation complexities is our expertise, ensuring effective resolution.

Employment Law (Employee)

Streamlining employee compliance with employment law is our specialty.

Employment Law (Employers)

Streamlining employers compliance with employment law is our specialty.

Family Law

Facilitating understanding and compliance with family law complexities is our forte.


Facilitating mediation processes is our specialty, fostering effective conflict resolution.

Experienced Toronto Litigation Lawyer for your complex Estate Litigation, Employment Law, Commercial Litigation or Family Law Litigation

You need a skilled litigation lawyer behind you. We offer personalized solutions when you need them most.

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Where do I start. The professionalism, commitment and dedication of Martin is impeccable. These are the kind of lawyers we need here in Canada. He upholds the standards and ensures he provides the right direction to his clients. I want to publicly thank you Martin for helping me through my litigation process. Work with Martin and you won’t regret it.

Rex Obeng ,

“Martin was professional… very informative… personable & answered all my questions.He was candid about the accuracy of his response which enabled me to feel confident about making the right decision. Thank you Martin for your candour.”

Evelyn Cahoon ,

“I found Martin’s firm on internet several years ago when my husband needed Employment Law Lawyer. Out of all the lawyers I contacted during my search, Martin was the only one who responded himself (rather then his secretary) and was very much to the point in his reply – we knew then that he is the lawyer that my husband needed.. He settled my husband’s case very quickly and efficiently. Little did I know that in April of this year I would need to turn to Martin for assistance with my ex-employer. Just like in the case with my husband, Martin answered all my questions very quickly and professionally. He reached very fair settlement for me and very short time. I will not hesitate to turn to Martin again in a need of great litigation lawyer and if any of my friends (or previous co-workers) will find themselves in a need of Martin’s services – I will give Martin’s contact information with pleasure.”

Jola Mis ,

Professional legal help for every client

As founder of Z Legal, Martin Zatovkanuk is an experienced litigation lawyer with well over a decade of experience before all levels of Ontario Courts. Z Legal focuses on estate litigation, employment litigation, commercial litigation, family law, and professional misconduct matters. Z Legal’s goal is to represent clients from the outset of their matter all the way through to the end of their matter, regardless whether their matter is resolved through a settlement, mediation, arbitration or a trial.

Z Legal Litigation Lawyers is designed to take care of our customers on an individual basis. To us you’re never just a number. Ask about our flat-rate billing and contingency fee options.



Contact us now to speak with a lawyer who can assist you. We provide Professional, Efficient And Cost-Effective Solutions. Remember, not all retainers are equal. We pride ourselves in being upfront and fair. We never charge on amounts already offered to clients. Make sure you know what you’re being charged before choosing your lawyer.

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What is the effect on a signed agreement of purchase and sale when the buyer discovers prior to closing that the square footage in the MLS listing was inaccurately inflated? Rescission may be obtained on the basis of a non-fraudulent misrepresentation where the defendant has made a false statement that was material and induced the plaintiff to enter into the contract. The effect of a material misrepresentation is to make an executory contract voidable, not void. On acquiring knowledge of…

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Real Estate Litigation – Broken Deals, Deposit Forfeitures And Availability Of Recourse

Real Estate Litigation – Broken Deals, Deposit Forfeitures and Availability of Recourse   Under a matter involving an Agreement of Purchase and Sale (“APS”) dispute, retaining a real estate litigation lawyer is highly recommended, since frequently sale/purchase disputes relate to the question of whether or not the buyer can get his/her deposit back. A litigation lawyer with a particular focus on real estate litigation is in the best position to explain viable options to a buyer and/or seller in such a dispute. There are a few common circumstances under which an…

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Mandatory Mediation In Estate Litigation

Mandatory Mediation in Estate Litigation: Do you need an Estate Litigation Lawyer? It is often assumed that most cases are settled in a courtroom. However, there are ways of settling disputes or lawsuits outside of court, and one commonly used method is the use of mediation. Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR), which serves to resolve problems between parties in an enforceable manner. A capable Estate Litigation Lawyer is key to getting the most out of a mediation.   In…

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Doing a research is the essential process of working on a client`s case. The attorneys need to investigate the case prior to going to court. In fact, the investigation might take quite some time to make it effective and reliable.

Doing a research is the essential process of working on a client`s case. The attorneys need to investigate the case prior to going to court. In fact, the investigation might take quite some time to make it effective and reliable.

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